Join the Big Green Conversation by…

  • Telling us what kind of city you want to live in by filling in the short survey below, helping us to create a People's Charter for the Environment during the Year of Green Action 2019 (to be published in November).

2019 Timetable


Thursday 4 April - The Big Green Conversation will be launched by Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Ward and Councillor Waseem Zaffar at Birmingham Council House.

April to September

Greener Birmingham will support and encourage communities to hold The Big Green Conversation at events across the city, sharing their voice via the Big Green Survey.


Greener Birmingham will collect and analyse the Big Green Survey responses to create a People’s Charter for the Environment.


A People’s Summit will present the People’s Charter for the Environment to city leaders with discussions around planning to improve Birmingham’s environment, ensuring that the Big Green Conversation continues.

Organise a Big Green Conversation for your community

  • CHOOSE AN EVENT: Decide on the type of event you want to hold, it could be a wildlife walk, a community picnic, a garden party, a stall at a local event, a sports day. Think about who you want to come and what will attract them.

  • FIND A PLACE: Think about where people are likely to be, this could be in the road, your garden, an allotment, school, community centre or farmer’s market. If you want to close your road, The Big Lunch offer great advice.

  • PICK A DATE: Greener Birmingham are encouraging most events to happen in July to create a momentum but you can hold your event anytime between April and September.

  • INVITE PEOPLE: Depending on your event this might be through personal invitations, an article in local newsletters (faith groups and schools usually have these), social media, posters or contacting the media.

  • PLAN THE CONVERSATION: Encourage people to discuss their vision for the city and their community, what is important to them and what they are willing to do to achieve the vision.

  • GET EVERYBODY TO FEEDBACK: Everyone can feedback to Greener Birmingham on the conversations held at your event through the online survey. You can also scan or send downloaded paper copies these to us at or 42 Norman Street. Birmingham B18 7EP.